Stamper Brothers To Receive Development Legend Award

It was announced today by develop that Tim and Chris Stamper, the co-founders of Rare, will be jointly named as this year’s Development Legends at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards on the night of July 15th. Many long time Rare fans are probably thinking right now what has taken so long but it is great that the Stamper Brothers will be recognized for their amazing work in the industry.

Tim and Chris join an elite few such as Mark Cerny, Tim Sweeney, Mark Rein, David Perry, Peter Molyneux, David Braben, Charles Cecil, Phil Harrison and Ian Livingstone.

The award acknowledges The Stampers’ significant heritage of games developed throughout their impressive career. They are celebrated for their multi-skilled game design and technical abilities, and share credits on over 100 games – an unrivalled legacy.

Congratulations Tim and Chris! You have changed the lives of so many for the rest of time!

Be sure to read the full article by develop that goes into further detail of the many accomplisments of the Stamper Brothers.

Source: The Stamper Brothers to receive Development Legend honour at Develop Awards 2015