Thirty Minutes of Conker: Twelve Tales Footage

It’s a very informative day for leaks and announcements, huh? RareMinion has released today thirty minutes of Conker: Twelve Tales footage. This was a Nintendo 64 title that eventually became the critically acclaimed Conker’s Bad Fur Day that we all know and love today. Check out the footage below:

There are definitely some things in there I haven’t seen before. Personally, I like the game. For a title that clearly had quite a bit of development time left, I thought it was shaping up really well and looked fun. The music was charming and there are definitely some different gameplay mechanics such as the ability to play as Conker’s girlfriend Berri. Of course, had this game actually been finished and released, then we would have never received Conker’s Bad Fur Day and that would have a been a sin against all of humanity. That being said… long live Conker the King!