Tribal Tuesday

Tribal Tuesday is a monthly editorial that will be covering those renowned shooters from the Rare days of old.  Laptop Guns, Tribal heads, hidden planets, rocket ships, and Odd Job are but a few the topics from some of Rare’s top games that we can chat about. Join us monthly and let’s shoot our way through some interesting discussions!

May 2012: What is a Tribal?
June 2012: The Controlling Conundrums of Rare’s Classic Shooters
July 2012: How Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark Defined the FPS Genre
August 2012: There’s Goldeneye in my Banjo!
September 2012: Why I Think Rare is Reviving Jet Force Gemini
October 2012: Donkey Kong 64 Was Essentially A Shooter
November 2012: The Jet Force Gemini ‘Hair Dryer’
December 2012: The Laptop Gun
January 2013: How Could Rare Fix Jet Force Gemini
February 2013: Thirty-Two Players Online? Bloddy Hell, Joanna!
March 2013: Jet Force Gemini’s Unmissable Presence In Banjo-Tooie
April 2013: Rare’s Perfect Balance Of Health And Armor In Goldeneye And Perfect Dark
May 2013: The Unprecedented Features Of Perfect Dark