Why There Are No RFDB Reviews

One of the primary things that I believe is missing here at RFDB are reviews. We have zero. The reasoning for this is because I really want to come up with some sort of review system that will be at least somewhat unique to RFDB with a primary focus on solely giving my opinion on Rare’s games and providing whatever necessary information I feel would contribute well to the review. While there are different ideas floating around in my mind, one thing I do know for certain is that my reviews will not contain a score of any sort. No star, letter or number grading.

I personally do not believe in scores as I think the majority of people have a habit of just scrolling through a review to catch the score and then validating their purchase simply on how high the particular score is. If you’re genuinely interested in the product, then take a few minutes and read the review. That’s my opinion on the situation and it’s not something that I’m going to contribute to. So if you want an honest, genuine opinion on the thoughts of a Rare title, that is what you will find here once my reviewing system is completed and processed. I’m looking forward to contributing those thoughts and hope that you’re looking forward to reading them. :)