EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 03- Flibbit Forest Frenzy

The way home seemed mysteriously odd that day as Banjo and Kazooie leave after having dinner at Bottles’ house.

“Gulp! I think we’re lost.” Banjo said nervously.

“Bree-hee-hee! I told you we should taken the other path,” replies Kazooie.

“What’s that wooden thing coming out of the murky waters up ahead?” Banjo asks curiously.

“I think it’s a sign,” replies Kazooie, “let’s go check it out!”

Banjo plods through the thick mud as he makes his way to the sign. After a small struggle from sinking in the dampened soil, he and Kazooie are standing before it.

“What’s it say, Kazooie?” questions Banjo.

“It says: Flibbit Forest, Home of the Flibbits. Breeeeee! Now I get to kick some more amphibian butt!” proclaims the excited Breegull.

Flibbit! Flibbit!

“Gulp! Did you hear that?” asks Banjo.


“Sure did! How many Gold Feathers do we have?” replies Kazooie.

“One, two, three… six!”

“Good! That should be enough to take out a few of the little warty toads!”

Flibbit! Flibbit! Flibbit!

“Gulp! Here they come!” “Breeeeee! Wonder Wing!? shouts Kazooie as she covers Banjo with her now golden sparkling wings in invulnerability. The Flibbits come out of hiding, charging at the invincible bear and bird duo. Each one that rams them is repelled and meets it’s unfortunate demise. Fortunately for Banjo and Kazooie, all of the Flibbits are defeated just as the last golden feather is spent.

“Guh-huh! I think that’s all of them!” Banjo said, hoping that there would be no further trouble.

“Yeah, we sure showed them!” boasts the trouble loving bird.

BOOM! Came a large noise from behind.

“Gulp! I don’t like the sound of that!” Banjo comments shakily.

He and Kazooie turn around and there stands a gigantic Flibbit.

“WHO DARES TRESPASS IN THE FOREST OF KING FLIBBITY FLIBBIT?” yells Flibbity, angry that outcasts would enter his forest.

“Squaw-ha-ha! What kind of a name is that?” Kazooie mocks.

“Kazooie!! I’m B-Banjo a-and this is my friend K-Kazooie.” answers Banjo.

“BANJO AND KAZOOIE?! THOSE NAMES SOUND STRIKINGLY FAMILIAR!” proclaims Flibbity, recognizing the names.

“Yeah, we disposed of a few of your friends in Bubblegloop Swamp, Wart Breath!” Kazooie comments, once again mocking the King Flibbit.

“Awww… Kazooie!!” Banjo moans.

“YES, NOW I REMEMBER! AND YOU BOTH SHALL PAY FOR YOUR FOOLISH ATTEMPTS TO RID THE WORLD OF FLIBBITS!!? Flibbity stomps his way closer to Banjo and Kazooie and begins to fire his long, saliva-filled tongue toward them. “Breeeeee!” yells Kazooie as she carries Banjo over the striking tongue again and again.

“Maybe you should try hitting him with an egg, Kazooie!” suggests Banjo as he is carried over the tongue once more.

“Good idea! Eat eggs, Frog Legs!” squawks Kazooie. As Flibbity opens his mouth to strike with his tongue once again, Kazooie fires three grenade eggs. All three eggs hit with a BANG! upon the roof of Flibbity’s mouth.


Soon afterwards, a tremendous POOF! is heard as a black cloud appears and fades away leaving in its place a golden Jiggy.

“Hee hee hee! Some explosion that was! No guts or anything!” Kazooie states sadly. “Oh, well. At least we got a Jiggy!” After collecting the Jiggy, Banjo and Kazooie retrace their steps back to the path that Kazooie had mentioned earlier. They take the path and are soon back at their lovely blue-roofed home in Spiral Mountain.

“Awww… I think I’m going to turn in for the day,” yawns Banjo, exhausted from the adventure.

“Try not to dream about Flibbits! Bree-hee-hee!” laughs Kazooie.

“Guh-huh! Guh-Huh!” laughs Banjo in response as his eye lids fall over his weary eyes.