EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 12- Tooty’s Great Discovery

“Banjie! Banjie! Wake up, Banjie! I want to go on an adventure!” Banjo turns over and slightly opens one eye. He sees Tooty hopping up and down excitedly on the end of his bed, her blonde ponytails flapping with each bounce, screaming that she wants to go on an adventure. But as of late, Banjo has lost many hours of sleep and isn’t quite feeling up for another adventure. At least not at the moment.

“Aww… Tooty, I’m still really tired,” Banjo half-heartedly responds and flops back over onto his stomach and instantly falls back to sleep. Tooty, disappointed that she would once again be mission on another adventure with her big brother, decides immediately that her day isn’t going to be completely ruined so easily. She’ll have an adventure by herself!

Snatching a little pink napsack she keeps under Banjo’s bed, she rushes to the cupboard to fill it with Honey Snackers and Fish ‘n’ Chips. When pulling out the final box she’ll be taking, she incidentally bumps it against the ceiling inside the cupboard unknowingly hitting a cleverly hidden switch. Upon impact, the entire kitchen section (a small part of the wall) twists about to reveal a secret passage.

Tooty walks slowly through the passage, slightly afraid of what could be at the other end. The environment, though, is quite comfortable. It reminds her of the rest of Spiral Mountain, the passage walls bearing a remarkable resemblance to Spiral Mountain’s cliff walls. What may be at the end she has no clue, but is definately eager to find out. So she picks up her step and makes her destination in no time. What she discovers nearly causes her to faint.

All around her through a small door is honey. Honey on the ceiling, honey on the walls, honey on the floor… honey everywhere! She has stumpled upon the greatest Honey Mine in the world! Never again would she and the others have to search for honey when their supplies run low. They now have more than enough to last them their entire lives!

With excitement she can hardly contain, the little bear rushes back down the passageway to the very point in which she had entered. She brushes her paws all over the wall from top to bottom until she feels the hidden switch. She easily presses it with little pressure and is immediately transported back to her little blue home.

Banjo, being lazy as usual, is still asleep in his bed. Kazooie is away but remains in her backpack seeming to be unusually infatuated with Roysten swimming around in his fish bowl. Ignoring Kazooie, Tooty runs over to Banjo and starts shaking him violently.

“Get your lazy butt up, Banjo! I found some honey!” The word ‘honey’ was all Banjo needed to hear. He is up out of bed grabbing his backpack (nearly slinging Kazooie out of it), and standing in front of the door before Tooty could even begin to explain where it is.

“It’s not that way, Banjie. It’s over here,” Tooty says, motioning for Banjo to follow her to the “kitchen”. When the entire party is there, Tooty repeats the process of knocking a box of Fish ‘n’ Chips agains the cupboard ceiling and all three are sent flailing to the passageway.

“Squawk! Alright hairy. What’s the big idea of keeping this from me? We’re supposed to be partners!” Kazooie says angrily.

“Gulp! I knew nothing about this Kazooie,” responds Banjo in all honesty.

“You mean you’ve lived here your entire life and didn’t know this is here? You’re more dingy than i thought! Hee hee!”

“Stop fighting and come on!” retorts Tooty, hurrying up the passageway desperate to show them her great discover. Banjo speeds up eager also because he wants to get his paws on some honey. Kazooie is less enthusiastic, but is instead just rather curious.

A few moments later, all three are inside the Honey Mine. Banjo, upon first sight of so much honey, falls to the ground face-down unconsious. Kazooie then climbs forth from the backpack, scoops up some honey, and waves it underneath Banjo’s nose bringing him back to his senses. The shocked honey bear stands to his feet and nearly swoons again when he gazes upon the unlimited amount of honey surrounding him. After he settles, he commences to stuffing the blue backpack full of honey. Tooty and Kazooie do likewise, but instead are filling up Tooty’s little pink napsack.

After both packs are completely full, they return to their home happy that they will never have a shortage of honey.