EXCLUSIVE: Highlights From The Conker’s Bad Fur Day Commentary: Parts 7-12

Parts seven through twelve of the official Conker’s Bad Fur Day commentary was released a couple of days ago. In the off chance you’ve been unable to watch the commentary or would like a recap of it, I’ve posted some of the highlights from each of the six parts below. Enjoy!

Part Seven Featuring Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow And Shawn Pile

  • Louise Ridgeway was the only female on the Conker team for quite sometime.
  • The camera was a pain to implement. It relied a lot on fixed views.
  • The camera was completely rewritten by Marlow for Live & Reloaded. Gave players more freedom to control where they wanted the camera to be.
  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day’s camera was a copy of Super Mario 64’s.

Part Eight Featuring Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow And Shawn Pile

  • Gregg the Grimm Reaper was based on Gregg Mayles.
  • Over 2,000 animations just on Conker.
  • They would allow the animators to do things on their own to “practice on their strengths”.
  • Giving developers freedom to do things really payed off.
  • Everything has to have a sense of logic to it.
  • The idea behinds Conker’s in-game death was that he was really dead. It wasn’t to be taken as just some “stupid gaming convention”.
  • It was difficult and expensive to get the animations on Conker’s tail to work properly.
  • They used Halo type controls for any weapons in Live & Reloaded.

Part Nine Featuring Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow And Shawn Pile

  • Frankie the Pitchfork walks rather than hops when moving slowly.
  • In the fight against the first boss, the pipes were made “transparent” in Live & Reloaded to allow better viewing.
  • Some timing for the first boss fight was stretched out in Live & Reloaded to make the battle easier.
  • The cutscene at the end of the first boss fight was the first movie parody in the game. It was this parody that led the team to do more.

Part Ten Featuring Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow And Shawn Pile

  • They had four lights which required the microcode to be rewritten.
  • There were two chips on the Nintendo 64. One called the DP and the other a micro-coded SP chip.
  • Nobody outside of the development team new that the SP chip existed at the time.
  • From atop the tank in the Barn Boys chapter, you can see all the areas in the game you can get to in the backdrop.
  • The water in the tank is empty because it actually all poured down into the room where the first boss fight took place.
  • Spent weeks optimizing the memory to load the previously mentioned backdrop.

Part Eleven Featuring Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow And Shawn Pile

  • The dev team was 50% veterans and 50% new.
  • Technically, for what it was, Killer Instinct Gold was as good as it could have been.
  • Nintendo’s Seal of Approval was incredibly hard to get.

Part Twelve Featuring Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow And Shawn Pile (Begins At 6:20

  • It would take 2-3 minutes to make a single change to the game. Marlow rewrote some code to fix that, reducing the time to 3 seconds.