EXCLUSIVE: Mumbo Monday- Training In Spiral Mountain

Bottles the Mole in Banjo-Kazooie is a move-tutoring extraordinaire. Throughout the game, he teaches Banjo and Kazooie a variety of different moves to aid them in their quest. Moves such as egg firing, flying, the Beak Bust, Talon Trot and many more. He’ll even teach the bear and bird their basic moves… if you want him to!

Immediately following the game’s introduction, Banjo and Kazooie meet Bottles. He informs them that Gruntilda has kidnapped Tooty and then offers to teach them how to utilize their basic moves. If you choose to accept, then you’ll discover Bottles’ molehills spread across Spiral Mountain. Each molehill represents a move that is to be taught and then a test is presented to ensure that you know how to use the move correctly. Every time a test is successful achieved, a Hollow Honeycomb is awarded. Since their are six basic moves to learn, it’s a great way to begin the game with an extra bit of energy.

Now should you dare choose to decline Bottles’ offer, then everything remains mostly the same. You still have to pass the same “tests”, though this time you’re on own and must discover how each move works yourself. The one key difference is with Bottles himself. Considering you opted out of learning the moves from him, approaching him at his molehills and attempting to engage in a conversation will result in him replying in an upset manner–with hurt feelings, to be precice. Continue to pester him and will become increasingly angry and threaten to erase your entire game! He doesn’t actually do it, but it’s a scary feeling for an unsuspecting player!

The first time I played Banjo-Kazooie when it first released in 1998, I regrettably opted out of the training. It was my first, real 3D platforming game experience as I hadn’t really played Super Mario 64 prior to that. Bearing that in mind, it made things for me personally a wee bit more complicated than it should have been.

When you played Banjo-Kazooie for the first time, did you participate in Bottles’ training or did you decide to attempt the game on your own? Share your thoughts in the comments!