EXCLUSIVE: Rare Revisits- Krazy Kremland

Hello again, avid readers and casual lurkers alike! I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend (or, in the case of some of you, a wonderful Spring Break)! In this addition to Rare Revisits, I will be exploring one of the most inventive locales from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

Admittedly, I tend to restrict myself with this article series by only discussing individual 3D environments. That primarily comes down to the amount of material that there is to delve into. As memorable as many of levels in Rare’s side-scrolling adventures are, none of them take very long to conquer.

That being said, DKC2’s Krazy Kremland is so fascinating that it is worthy of its own editorial. A dilapidated amusement park in the depths of a swamp, this place is filled with all manner of environmental hazards, from Zinger hives to bramble vines to run-down roller coasters.


Moreso than virtually any other world in Diddy’s Kong Quest, however, Krazy Kremland broke the mold of traditional platforming. Every level within this amusement park possessed a defining characteristic that set it apart from most other sequences in the game. Hornet Hole required the player to climb walls of sticky honey in order to reach the finish line, while Target Terror was a roller coaster ride from Hell. Even Rambi Rumble challenged the formula of the rhino sequences in levels prior.

I would be remiss if I did not devote an entire paragraph to Bramble Scramble. While it is not quite as innovative as its precursor, Bramble Blast (which revolved entirely around traversing the environment via barrel cannons), this is still one of my favorite Donkey Kong Country levels. Scramble follows a similar motif — navigating through a mountain of thorns — while providing its own, unique spin. Both Squawks the Parrot and Squitter the Spider play a prominent role in this location, which is a plus for me, considering that those two are my favorite of the series’ Animal Buddies. Oh! And let us not forget this invaluable gem:

With that, I could not possibly end this article on a more uplifting note. Am I right? Told you so.