EXCLUSIVE: Swanky Saturday- Kinect Sports Bowling and You

Kinect Sports bowling… It’s a blast! With the variety of different sports across various genres presented in Rare’s Kinect Sports, I haven’t had nearly as much fun with them as I have with bowling. My wife and I play it every now and then it’s always absolutely enjoyable experience. Part of the reasoning for that is because of just how intuitive the game play is.

Back in 2006 when Nintendo launched the Wii with Wii Sports, it revolutionized the industry with its motion controlled gameplay and lot of that success is thanks to the intuitiveness that Wii Sports offered. The bowling aspect of that game was (and still remains) the bowling portion of the title; so naturally, it’s only fitting that the same could be said of Rare’s Kinect Sports bowling. One aspect that differentiates the two though is the way the games are played.

With Wii Sports, the gameplay is limited to the player and the controller; with Kinect and its ability to fully track an individual’s entire body movement, it allows players to be more immersed into motion-controlled games. Kinect Sports is a fine example of this.

I honestly only ever played Wii Sports once. Once. I find myself continually coming back to Kinect Sports though because I feel more immersed into the game. When I start the bowling portion of the title, I know that I can fully mimic and replicate the exact movements required to land that perfect strike here in my home just as I would at an actual bowling alley. It’s awesome and I personally couldn’t ask for anything more.

What are your thoughts on the bowling aspect of Kinect Sports? Do you thoroughly enjoy the experience as much as I do?