EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- The Fiery Fury Of Kerozene

In 2004, Rare re-released Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Game Boy Advance. This remake of their classic game contained newly designed world maps and plenty of extra content such as mini-games from Funky and Swanky, more collectibles like Golden Feathers and even new modes of play. All of this extra content was an excellent addition to an already fantastic game, but there was one piece of exclusive content that could really be considered the ‘cream of the crop’: Kerozene, a completely new and unexpected additional boss.


Residing atop of K. Rool Keep, Kerozene is an enormous Kremling who guards the final entry to his master’s abode. He utilizes weakened Kleevers, fire, and his oversized scaly hands to attack his primate adversaries. Diddy and Dixie must use cannon balls to fight back by first ridding the stage of the Kleevers and then ultimately attacking Kerozene himself. This must be done whilst simultaneously dodging the Kremlings deadly attacks. Upon his defeat, Kerozene will collapse with smoke billowing forth from his mouth.

In the original SNES game, this fight was completely absent. When you reached the top of K. Rool’s Keep, there was a minor cutscene with Kaptain K. Rool and a restrained Donkey Kong and that was it. Cutscene ends and the adventure continues. The Kerozene battle sounds much better, right?

In your experiences with this Game Boy Advance remake, did you think the battle with Kerozene was a worthy addition? Were you surprised by its implementation? Share your opinions in the comments!