EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday- Thirty-Two Players Online? Bloody Hell, Joanna!

Online console gaming is huge. Microsoft essentially defined the way we would all play our games online with one another when they officially launched Xbox LIVE on the first Xbox console in 2002. Since then, the service has grow exponentially throughout the years and it’s difficult now to imagine a console without that online connectivity. Games such as Halo, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Battlefield and so forth wouldn’t have the same success today were it not for the massively popular online multiplayer contained within. But despite how enjoyable it is to play with and against people all across the globe, don’t you think it would be even more enjoyable if you were capable of having more players in a game? The majority of online multiplayer games rarely go beyond sixteen players in a single match, and usually it’s less than that. Even the Call of Duty series maxes out at eighteen in a specific game mode. But Rare’s Perfect Dark Zero actually allows up to a whopping thirty-two players at any given time. I’ll say that again… thirty-two!


While thirty-two players may not seem like such an amazing number, the significance of it is actually far greater when you think of the larger picture. Perfect Dark Zero was an Xbox 360 launch title and some seven years later, there still isn’t any games on the Xbox 360 to rival it in terms of the amount of players available in a single game. It was an amazing accomplishment for Rare to achieve such a feat as even more so considering they’re the only ones to have done so!

The Xbox 720 will likely be launching this holiday season. With the additional power and capabilities of the machine, I would honestly be very surprised if at least thirty-two players doesn’t become the standard. But until then, hats off to Rare and Perfect Dark Zero for achieving what others probably will not until the beginning of a new generation of consoles.