Historic Rare Franchise To Be Shown At E3

Old Rare fan? Been craving to get a taste of one of Rare’s classic intellectual properties? Then you’ve no reason to fret because folks… it’s happening! Polygon spoke with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer earlier today and directly asked him what we could expect from Rare. This is what Phil had to say…

“Fans of Rare and Rare IP I think will be pleased with what we’re going to show at E3,” Spencer said. “We had a limited amount of time today and a lot of story to tell. But Rare remains an incredibly important part of our development capability. That historic IP that they’ve built I think can play a real important role on Xbox One.”

And there you have it! An historic franchise dug up from Rare’s past is finally going to be surfacing in just couple of weeks from now. What could it be? Perfect Dark? Killer Instinct? Another Banjo-Kazooie? Battletoads? If I had to guess anything, then my money would be on Killer Instinct given the recent filings, denials, and agreements surrounding the trademark. All signs seem to indicate that to be the game… but hey, it could be anything! Share your opinions on what you are hoping it to be and come discuss it with us in the forums!