Kinect Sports Franchise Has Sold Eight Million Units

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Rare executive producer Danny Isaac informed the site that the Kinect Sports franchise has currently sold over eight million units today.

“We just had great success with the Kinect Sports franchise,” he said. “Up to now we’re over eight million units sold. People don’t realise how popular the franchise is. It’s been hugely successful.”

Danny also explainedwhy Rare decided to develop a new Kinect Sports title for Xbox One…

“Obviously Microsoft talked to us at Rare and we were more than happy to go after it. For a lot of people at Rare, we had some unfinished business with the Kinect sensor. The team did a great job on Kinect Sports 1 and 2, but it didn’t quite hit the vision we had for the sensor and the fidelity we wanted to get from it.

“There was definitely a drive [to create another Kinect Sports]. Obviously we’re first party, so to support the platform and do what we do best. We love building new technology, and there’s nothing more cutting edge in gaming than a Kinect sensor; using light to control where you want to go.”

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