Kinect Sports Gems: Wave 3 Official Press Release

Here is provided the official press release for the recently released Kinect Sports Gems: Wave 3…

The wait’s been a little longer this time, but the Kinect Sports Gems collection (accessible through Kinect Central on the Xbox 360 dashboard) gets a boost today from its third release wave, dropping three additional games into the mix.

10 Frame Bowling, Penalty Saver and Ping Pong sweep in to join the six Gems already available, expanding the range of events sourced from the original Kinect Sports. And of course all three have been lovingly reshaped to fit the Kinect Sports Gems structure. That means the addition of micro-missions allowing you to rank up with repeated play, offline photo leaderboards to put friends and family members in their rightful place, achievements worth 50G per game and a distinctly not-bank-breaking 240 MSP price tag.

As always, one title from the pool of Kinect Sports Gems is free to play every week in rotation – a great way to get acquainted with the series before laying down MS Points on the full version, should you want the freedom to play at any time and save your achievements, rank and leaderboard standing.

To check out the full range of Kinect Sports Gems and see what’s free to play this week, navigate to Kinect Central on the Xbox 360 dashboard or use the Xbox LIVE Marketplace page links below. Enjoy!

For more information, including download links for purchasing all three new gems, visit Rare’s Official Website.