Kinect Sports Rivals FAQ Updated

Rare has updated their FAQ for Kinect Sports Rivals on their website. Some of the FAQ is posted below, but hit the link above to read it all in full!

Q: Can I play any of the six sports straight away?

A: Following feedback from players, the July update to KSR adds all six sports to the island map from the outset rather than requiring them to be played through for the first time in a fixed order. Now, in any sport, Coach’s hands-on training session is the only event that must be played to unlock all of that sport’s gameplay modes.

Note that the sports still need to install to your Xbox One before it’s possible to access them. As you grab and spin the island you’ll be able to see which sports, if any, are still installing.

Playing through the team-based narrative events with Eagle Legion, Wolf Clan and Viper Network is no longer required to unlock game modes. But when you’re ready, we encourage you to get the full KSR experience by meeting the team leaders, facing their challenges and ultimately choosing one of the three teams to join. These events are unlocked on a linear path, starting with your Wake Racing introduction to Eagle Legion.

Q: How do I just jump in and play a quick game of my choosing?

A: To quickly and easily set up a match with family or friends in the same room, select Quick Play from the island map. This mode is separate from your personal progress through the game, so you’ll take control of a team captain or second-in-command from one of the three core teams rather than your own Champion, and no match results are saved or achievements earned.

Each sport becomes accessible in Quick Play as soon as it finishes installing to your Xbox One console. You can choose the sport you want to play, the number of local players and, if applicable, any course within that sport.

Q: Can I skip the training/cutscenes?

A: Coach’s training is essential to getting the most from the game. Crucial tips like steering your wake racer with handlebar gestures, charging and activating power-ups, adding top spin or back spin in Tennis; all these things need a little instruction, and this depth is a major element of what KSR has to offer.

However, once you’ve watched the intro cutscene for a training or narrative event, it is possible to skip the playable part of the event and progress to the next one. You can do this from the Pause screen. Be aware that this will mark the event as completed on the currently active profile, so there’s no changing your mind later and returning to a skipped event!