Previously Unseen On Rare Replay: Kameo 2

If you are able to collect enough stamps in Rare Replay from completing challenges you will unlock special feature videos ranging from interviews to videos of unreleased games. We here at RareFanDaBase just unlocked the video for the unreleased adventure game Kameo 2.

Kameo 2 was a planned sequel to Kameo: Elements of Power. Below you can watch the video that can be unlocked and viewed in Rare Replay:

Kameo 2 would take a departure from the bright and innocent-looking themes in the original. Not only would the game be darker in tone but Kameo herself would look and act darker. After Kameo: Elements of Power we are left with a more mature Kameo. She would have been much more threatening looking. The artists wanted this more sinister look to convey the state of mind Kameo was in. Kameo would now draw from her inner darkness to defeat her enemies.

Peter Hentze, one of the artists at Rare working on Kameo 2, mentions how they drew many different outfits for Kameo. Some were drawn with concealing cloaks to have her easily sneak up on enemies. Perhaps Kameo would have more stealth gameplay this time with such clothing features in mind?

The team’s goal was to keep aspects from the original characters when recreating them for Kameo 2 while also flipping their original designs on their head. As you can see in the video the creatures from the first game are still recognizable but more more ferocious. The artists really wanted to bring a more aggressive and threatening presence with every character.

The video also covers a bit of the story in Kameo 2 revealing who one of the main antagonists would be. Mystic from the first game now leads a race of serpent creatures called Sargothans. Don’t worry though, the trolls would have been back but this time meaner and more advanced than ever. Near the end of the feature there is a small clip of a prototype showing off flying in a huge open area. The open area looks to be the equivalent of the battlefield where the player could ride their horse through thousands of trolls.

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