Previously Unseen On Rare Replay: Sundown

If you are able to collect enough stamps in Rare Replay from completing challenges you will unlock special feature videos ranging from interviews to videos of unreleased games. We here at RareFanDaBase just unlocked the video for the unreleased horror survival game Sundown.

Sundown was Rare’s second foray into the horror genre. The basic premise of the game was that a biological parasite started infecting living organisms causing the breakdown of society. The organisms would slowly warp its host into a disgusting version of its former self combined with the parasites properties.

Below is the video you can unlock in Rare Replay showcasing Sundown:

The art team went to town on trying to really scare and disgust the player keeping them on edge while they would play the game. The artists were heavily inspired by John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. Not only were there deformed human hosts but also wildlife such as deers and bears.

The gameplay would have the player moving from town to town looking for food, water, supplies and weapons. You would also need to find somewhere to bunker down and fortify as during the night is when you would face your worst nightmares.

Sundown was just in concept form until a team at Rare picked it up for the Rare Jam. From the short prototype created for Rare Jam we see defense features such as a sentry gun and electrical trip wiring. The game was never green-lit but it is very fun to see what a Rare survival horror game would look like.

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