Rare Replay Is Not Coming To Wii U

So sometime last week, someone at Microsoft via the official Microsoft Studios Twitter account thought it would be fascinating to ask Rare if fans were interested in Rare Replay coming to Wii U. As you might as expect, this started an unnecessary fire that’s just been burning along ever since, to the hopes of Nintendo fans everywhere that the sought after Rare collection would eventually make its way to their beloved Wii U consoles. Well… It’s not.

Rare put out the official statement this morning via their own Twitter that Rare Replay is and will remain a Xbox One exclusive. It’s a shame they needed to do this at all as common sense would denote that Microsoft isn’t going to allow a slew of their own franchisee on a competitor’s console. Though I can understand the confusion considering it was suggested by MS themselves…

I hope now that this will surely begin to clear things up once-and-for-all. Rare Replay is an excellent package that includes 30 amazing games from their 30 year history and is worthy of owning an Xbox One console for. So if you’re a Wii U owner and interested in the title, it would certainly be worth jumping on to the band wagon to play it. Plus, there’s the awesome Sea of Thieves coming soon, too!