RUMOR: Airplay coming to Xbox 360?

Recent rumors are insisting that Microsoft is set to announce a new app for the Xbox 360 next week called Smart Glass. What Smart Glass allegedly is is a special app that will allow people to push content such as videos directly from their smart Windows, Andtroid or iOS (yes, iOS!) operated phone and/or table through the console itself to be played directly onto the television. This is called ‘airplay’ and is basically something Apple has been doing for a little while now and the Wii U will essentially be doing something of that nature this Fall when it launches. This is huge deal that could mean a lot of interesting things, at least for those who have smart phones and tables. I for one would love to be able to play Dead Space (iOS) and Swordigo on the big screen! We’ll know for certain next week during e3 if there is any truth to the rumors.