RUMOR: Xbox 720 May Be Delayed

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the Xbox 720 as of yet, we know it’s in development and its estimated release is sometimes in the Fall of 2013. More specifically, September 2013. According to IGN and their sources, Microsoft has a September 2013 date as their target month for release for the Xbox 720, but due to some complicated manufacturing problems, Microsoft may not be readily prepared for their planned date. The problem is that the resourced required to create Microsoft’s “Oban” processor for the 720 are significantly low and if they are unable to aquire more resources for better odds at getting the processor manufactured, then they will potentially miss not only the September 2013 date, but possibly the Holidy 2013 season altogether. That would be a huge blow for Microsoft, especially with rumors of the Playstation 4 launching at roughly the same time period and with Nintendo’s Wii U already having a year in advance to build a significant install base.

Not all is lost as of yet, however. Microsoft has a couple of months to get things under control and if they are really serious about getting the Xbox 720 on store shelves by the end of next year, then I have no doubt that everything will be resolved. More details on the Xbox 720, its features, its games and so forth will be posted when it becomes available.