Thorn Thursday

Thorn Thursday is a monthly editorial where we take a look at the vast array of the evil villains and tyrants in Rare’s games. From the little pests such as Gnawty and Colliwobble to the garguantuan beasts that are Mizar and Wizpig, there are plenty of evil discussions to be had. So come back on a Thursday every month and let’s spread the evil together!

May 2012: Who is Thorn?
June 2012: Why Kalus Betrayed Her Family
July 2012: So What Happened with General Scales?
August 2012: Getting Gnawty
September 2012: Big Butt the Invincible
October 2012: Did We Really Need Andross in Starfox Adventures?
November 2012: The Great Mighty Poo
December 2012: The Jinjo Impersonating Minjos
January 2013: Krusha The Krusher
February 2013: The Sacred Targitzan
March 2013: The Great Lord Woo Fak Fak
April 2013: The Fiery Fury Of Kerozene
May 2013: Zinging Zingers