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Classic Donkey Kong Country Exposed Video!

Take a trip back to 1994 and watch this classic Donkey Kong Country Exposed video from Nintendo of America showcasing the development of DKC! There’s a few appearances by Ken Lobb, a phone call with Rare founder Tim Stamper and even a very brief glimpse of Killer Instinct! Check it out below…


Xbox 360 2015 Spring Value Bundle Includes Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection


Microsoft’s 2015 Xbox 360 2015 Spring Value Bundles include copies of Rare’s Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection, which includes both Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports Season Two. Starting at $249, Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection will be included in both the 4GB and 500GB models, which also includes Kinect (obviously) and Kinect Adventures. More details are available at Major Nelson’s website.


No Conker Game Currently In Development

When questioned over Twitter by a few fans regarding a new Conker game, Phil Spencer revealed that as of this time there isn’t any new Conker game currently in development by Rare or any other studios–Project Spark Conker content withholding. Here’s specifically what he said via Twitter along with some very brief insight on one of Rare’s current projects…


Project Spark – Conker Teaser Trailer

Here’s the teaser trailer for Conker’s debut in Project Spark, giving fans their first glimpse at the squirrel in-game as well as many of the game’s assets available to use and some classic Conker music to listen to, too!


Project Spark Conker Content Releases On April 23rd

conker project spark

Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed squirrel returns to the lime light on April 23rd in the Conker add-on pack to Project Spark! The add-on pack will contain over 300 assets from the Conker universe with none other than Chris Seavor returning to voice the iconic character he originally voiced and created! There’s even a sequel of sorts built in the game titled ‘Conker’s Big Reunion’ that occurs a decade after Bad Fur Day! Here’s the official press release from Rare…

It’s almost here! The Conker add-on pack for powerful game creation tool Project Spark finally arrives next month. Rare’s rascally rodent is the first external character to guest star in this open world digital playground.

Project Spark developers Team Dakota have put together a fantastic creative package for anyone with a soft spot for the squirrel: their Conker Builder Pack is fit to burst with almost 300 game assets including a Conker champion and various other well-loved characters, props, terrain, effects, tunes and sounds. And what can be conjured up from this little treasure trove? Any Project Spark user who picks up the pack can crack their knuckles, flex their inventive muscles and unleash custom-designed campaigns starring Conker & co.

But! If you’re more of a player than a creator (or you just need a great example to work from) there’s something for you too. Premade, playable Conker content was a popular request from fans following the original announcement, and Team Dakota have stepped up to the plate with a brand new episodic adventure. Conker’s Big Reunion is set a decade on from the events of Bad Fur Day, and drops players into Conker’s shoes as he sets out to hook up with his old friends only to find that things, as always, refuse to go according to plan. The whole thing is built in Project Spark with Conker’s creator and voice actor Chris Seavor returning to make the furball sound exactly as he should.

All this Conker content launches on April 23rd for Project Spark on Xbox One and Windows 8.1, and you’ll be able to pick it up from the Project Spark marketplace. Until then, check out the reveal trailer built using the game engine!