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Donkey Kong 64 Available Now On Wii U In North America

DK64 Wii U

So they’re finally here, performing for you, if you have the dough, you can join them too! Donkey Kong 64 is available now on the Wii U in North America. For $9.99, join Donkey, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny and Chunky as they fight against the evil K. Rool and his minions of Kremlings to obtain their stolen hoard of over 200 Golden Bananas. Are you up for the task? Download today exclusively on Wii U!


New Conker’s Big Reunion Trailer And Pricing

A new trailer for the upcoming Conker’s Bad Reunion pack in Project Spark was published earlier today along with the pricing of the content. For $4.99, players can purchase the Conker’s Bad Reunion campaign or for $9.99, you get Conker’s Bad Reunion, over 350 assets for creating your own Conker game, Conker Champion playable in Champion’s Quest and Crossroads. All of the content will be available later this month on April 23rd.


Phil Spencer Wouldn’t Mind Banjo In Smash Bros. As DLC

Could Microsoft’s Head of Xbox boss Phil Spencer possibly become any cooler? Earlier today, a Super Smash Bros. fan tweeted to Spencer that Banjo is a popular choice to be in the game as DLC and Spencer promptly responded saying he thinks it would be cool if Banjo were in the game. Here’s his full response…

Is that awesome or what?! With this revelation and the fact that Donkey Kong 64 is being released, it seems like there are so many paths open now. Could we see the Nintendo 64 version of Diddy Kong Racing on Wii U now? A possibility I never thought could ever come to fruition because of Banjo and Conker’s presence in the game. I look forward to seeing what will come in the future, how about you?


European Donkey Kong 64 Wii U Virtual Console Trailers

Check out a pair of European trailers for the recently released Donkey Kong 64 for the Wii U Virtual Console below…


Donkey Kong 64 Available For European Wii U eShop

DK64 Wii U

A surprising and completely unexpected announcement today was Donkey Kong 64 coming to the Wii U virtual console… and it’s available right now in Europe! It will also be releasing on April 16th in North America for $9.99. It’s a shocking surprise as I never expected the game to ever be released again due to legal reasons pertaining to the game’s inclusion of Rare’s Jet-Pac, which Microsoft now has the rights to. So all of this coupled with the recent inclusion of the DKC trilogy on Wii U could mean that Microsoft and Nintendo have a deal of some sorts in place.

Regardless of the why’s, I’m extremely excited for Donkey Kong’s 64 and will be picking it up again in a couple of weeks. Do you plan on picking it up as well?