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Donkey Kong Country Trilogy & Donkey Kong Land Trilogy North America Trailer

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Donkey Kong Country Trilogy And Donkey Kong Land Trilogy Swings Onto Wii/Wii U And 3DS

They’re finally here and ready to perform for you! Available now in North America is the complete Donkey Kong Country trilogy reinstated for Wii and released on Wii U and the complete Donkey Kong Land trilogy for Nintendo 3DS. Here’s the official PR from Nintendo…

Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS

Donkey Kong Land - Making a bet with Cranky Kong is never wise. In this Game Boy adventure, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must set off on another adventure to retrieve their banana hoard from the evil K. Rool’s clutches. Swing, roll, jump and barrel blast through four worlds that are swarming with returning and original enemies.

-Donkey Kong Land 2 - K. Rool has kidnapped Donkey Kong and he’s demanding the entire banana hoard as ransom! In this Game Boy classic, play as either Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong and take advantage of their unique abilities in more than 40 levels of nonstop platforming action. Keep an eye out for some friendly faces (and some shiny collectibles) to help you out.

-Donkey Kong Land III - Dixie Kong has been left behind to babysit her younger cousin, Kiddy Kong. But that won’t stop her from seeking adventure in this Game Boy game. Help Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong through 36 Kremling-infested levels, each containing secret areas, bonus levels and collectibles. Maybe they’ll even find the entrance to the hidden Lost World!

Virtual Console on Wii U

Donkey Kong Country - Armed with chest-pounding muscle, mighty barrel rolls and awesome vine-swinging skills, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong set out to face K. Rool and his reptilian crew of Kremlings in this Super NES masterpiece! Play solo, compete with a friend or play cooperatively with a friend in more than 100 levels filled with collectibles and hidden bonus areas. With the help of Donkey Kong’s quirky family, animal friends and your fast reflexes, our dynamic duo will prove to be an unstoppable force.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest - Donkey Kong has been kidnapped and taken to Crocodile Isle. Only Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong can save the day. In this Super NES sequel to the Donkey Kong Country game, play solo, compete with a friend or tag team with a friend in eight exciting worlds filled with wacky characters, collectable items and secret bonus areas.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble - Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have gone missing! In this Super NES adventure, play as Dixie Kong or Kiddy Kong solo, against a friend or with a friend. Take advantage of each of their unique abilities as they throw each other into action through more than 40 levels.

Go bananas and get them all right now via the Wii/Wii U and 3DS eShops!


Battletoads Trademark Approved For Publication


On February 11th, 2015, the Battletoads trademark was approved for publication, pushing the franchises return to gaming a one step further. The trademark itself was renewed by Microsoft in November of last year and as recently as January, Phil Spencer was spotted wearing a Battletoads t-shirt at the Windows 10 event. With Rare set to publicly unveil their upcoming projects in the near future, Battletoads being among them is a very safe bet. Are you prepared to re-enter the world of the Battlemaniacs?

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Aaron Greenberg: Rare Preparing To Unveil Multiple Projects

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg confirmed that Rare is developing multiple projects and they are in the process of unveiling them. The news comes fresh from a recently recorded podcast with The Inner Circle Podcast when Greenberg was asked what the studio was working on. He also confirmed that Rare is not working with Twisted Pixel on any projects as well…

“Twisted Pixel is not working on a game with any other internal studios. They have an exciting project they’re working on as well, very unexpected and very different and we’ll just wait to surprise people with what it is.”

With knowledge of Rare developing multiple projects, what exactly could they be? Battletoads is bound to be one of them with the trademark being renewed in November last year and Phil Spencer wearing a Battletoads t-shirt during the Windows 10 event last month. Rumors also suggest that the studio is working on a new Banjo. E3 2015 is just a few months away, so we’ll likely see at least one of the projects there. What game are you hoping to be unveiled?

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Donkey Kong Country The Complete First Season Coming To DVD

DKC Season 1 DVD

Phase 4 Films has announced that the complete first season of the Donkey Kong Country television series will be releasing on DVD on May 2nd for $49.99. Here’s the official synopsis…

One of the most beloved video game characters of all time is swinging onto DVD! Donkey Kong Country brings all your favorite apes to life in stunning CGI animation. Join Donkey Kong, the peace-loving ape with a big heart as he teams with best-friend Diddy Kong to take on King K. Rool and his band of Kremlins. Includes all 26 episodes from season 1.

I loved the show back in the day when it first aired on Fox Family in the US, but I do think that $49.99 is far too overpriced. More details and pre-order information available here.