EXCLUSIVE: Kinect Sports 3 May Be Rare’s Most Anticipated Game

One of the more interesting aspects of running a website is the magical ability of viewing statistics. A click here, a click there and you know exactly what people are reading and what they are not. So being someone who needs to check on these things often, I thought I’d specifically see how often people are ‘google searching’ the rumored Kinect Sports 3; the results were a bit astounding, to say the least. Thousands have visited RFDB from just Kinect Sports 3 searches alone, and it’s actually more than any of Rare’s other franchises which are covered here far more prominently. If I were to go by that alone, then it’s easy to surmise that there is an immense interest in a Kinect Sports 3. The Kinect Sports franchise has sold over six million units afterall, so maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that so many people are expecting a new entry.

I’d be okay with another Kinect Sports, but it’s far from what I personally want from Rare. I believe it is in development and will launch with the Xbox 720; but I also believe they have something else up there sleeves that will be more appealing to us veteran fans. E3 is just six months away, so we’ll likely have to wait until then to find out.

What do you all want from Rare next? Would you be okay with a Kinect Sports 3?