The RareFanDaBase is a website dedicated to bringing the latest news on UK develepor Rare, Ltd. Here you will find unique and interesting articles spanning Rare’s 28 years of video game history from the days of their inception as Ultimate: Play the Game in the 1980s to their most recent achievements. Be it there first game, Jet Pac for the Spectrum ZX or their latest entry, Kinect Sports 2 for the Xbox 360, we’ll be sure to have it covered.

From time-to-time, you will also see articles and news that is of no relation to Rare. So don’t be surprised to see news covering other parts of the gaming industry (sometimes even non-gaming related!) crop up here and there. Rare will always be our top priority, however, so expect the company to be covered first and foremost.

RFDB Bi-Weekly

RFDB Bi-Weekly consists of special RareFanDaBase editorials covering a variety of topics on specific days of the week. Fulgore Fridays, for instance, will have coverage on Rare’s fighting and beat em’ up titles. A new editorial dealing with each day’s specific traits will be posted every other week.


From time-to-time, the banner featured at the top of the website will be changed. We have many, many banners to switch out from and will do so whenever we see fit. Our classic ‘Retro Banner’ prominently features the ‘Rare-Elite’ title as a sort of “look back” to our old Rare-Elite website.

Did You Know…

In the top right column, you will notice a section entitled ‘Did You Know…”. This is a feature that includes interesting facts about Rare in general, many of the company’s games and even general information on current and previous employees.  The information within alternates every time you visit the website or refresh the page. Additional facts are added from time-to-time, so look for news posts for information on when the feature has been updated.