Could the Xbox 360 Be Taken Off the Market?

If Motorola has there way, then yes, it will. Apparantely, Microsoft is infringing on a few patents held by Motorola relating to “secure wireless communications and transmissions of video content between controller devices and game consoles.” Judge David Shaw is siding with Motorola in the lawsuit is asking that International Trade Commission (ITC) enact a cease-and-disist order to prevent the sale of 4GB and 250GB Xbox 360 consoles. Other models of the system seem to not be affected by the lawsuit. Microsoft claims that by upholding the lawsuit would “not serve the public interest because it would leave consumers of video game consoles with only two options to satisfy their needs: the Sony Playstation and the Nintendo Wii.”

Whether this lawsuit will ever progress any further than it already has is up in the air. Microsoft is huge company with a buttload of money, so it wouldn’t come as a suprise to discover this entire episode be settled out of court in the near future. The Xbox 360 is and has been the best selling console in the United States for well over a year now, so you can guarantee that it’s absolutely not going to be yanked from store shelves any time soon, if ever.

There is more information and details regarding the lawsuit on the Courthouse News website.