EXCLUSIVE: So That Rumored Water Racer Is In Kinect Sports Rivals?

Earlier this year, there were rumors swirling that Rare was working on a ‘water-based’ racing title. Leaked artwork of a racing game emerged from a former, contracted artist that had worked at Rare for a few months; however, that particular racer wasn’t ‘water-based’, but at the very least served as potential proof that Rare was possibly working on a racing title at some point. Further proof came in the form of Rare’s recent hiring spree. Many of the people they employed within the last year have significant experience working with games in the racing genre, so that alone could signify that a racer was/is in development. Fast forward to last month’s E3 and the answer to the arisen questions may have been answered.

At E3 this past June, Rare officially announced Kinect Sports Rivals, an Xbox One exclusive title to be launched with the console this November. Amongst the sports included in the game is Jet Ski Racing, which is… you guessed it, a ‘water based’ racer. While it may not be a fully fledged racing game in and of itself, it is still a ‘water based’ racing game and, quite frankly, lays to rest the aforementioned rumors. It doesn’t necessarily mean that another racing game isn’t in development at Rare, but I find that scenario to be unlikely given their other recent hires.

What are your opinions on this? Are you disappointed that this was likely what the rumors were referring to? Were you hoping for something a bit more? Are you actually relieved that Rare potentially isn’t using resources for a full racing game? Share you thoughts in the comments below!