EXCLUSIVE: Swanky Saturday- The Many Challenges Of Nuts & Bolts

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is, in essence, a mini-game (challenges!!) festival of sorts on a grand scale. I say this because the majority of the game relies on the completion of challenges. The game’s challenges vary from many different tasks, all being determined by what a specific character in the game’s five worlds who is challenging you wants, basically. It could be a race, having to retrieve a particular object, dodging dominoes, a game of golf, etc. No single challenge is alike, and with such an unprecedented amount of challenges available, that is impressive.

Now the purpose in the challenges is, of course, win. By doing so, you will rewarded with three different prizes, each determined by how successful you were in completing the challenge. The rate of success is broken into three different levels: red for Notes, brown for a Jiggy, and blue for a Trophy Thomas Trophy. There is a meter in each challenge that keeps track of your current status while playing; so if you’re in a race, for instance, and the marker is still in blue once you reach the finish line, then you’ll be rewarded with a Trophy as well as a Jiggy and Notes if they hadn’t already been won. The difficulty rises the further you progress into the game and often times success will based solely upon one thing: your vehicle.

Nuts & Bolts’ challenges wouldn’t be possible without vehicles. Each and every challenge has either one of two options available: L.O.G’s Choice or Player’s Choice. A L.O.G’s Choice challenge means you’re required to use the vehicle that L.O.G himself constructed; a Player’s Choice challenge gives you the freedom to basically use whatever vehicle you see fit. That could be any of L.O.G’s vehicles, Humba Wumba’s vehicles, modified versions of those vehicles that you yourself can edit or you could even build your very own vehicle from scratch (provided you’ve collected enough parts). It’s the Player’s Choice challenges that really defines what Nuts & Bolts is all about: the ability to build and create practically anything to assist you in completing the game. It’s a very robust (and sometimes complex) system, but also very accomplishing and fun. There’s nothing more satisfying than going into a Player’s Choice challenge and earning a Trophy with a vehicle that you built.

This third console entry in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise may have strayed far from its platforming roots, but its certainly no lesser of a game. The massive amount of challenges contained within is, again, unprecedented and truly sets it apart from its predecessors… In a good way!

What did you all think of Nuts & Bolts’ challenges? Did you have fun with them or were they too difficult? Did you have a specific challenge that you enjoyed above all others? Share your thoughts in the comments and come discuss it with is in the forums!