EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday- The Laptop Gun

One of the coolest new aspects of Perfect Dark that made it better than Goldeneye 007 was its weapons system. Not only did you get to witness each individual weapon be uniquely reloaded, but they all had a secondary function that added even more to the weapon. One of the best secondary functions was with the Laptop Gun.

Upon first glance, the Laptop Gun appears to just be your standard rapid firing machine gun. In truth, it is, until you switch over to activists its additional form. Once switch over, you can then toss the weapon at any location of your choice and the Laptop Gun will instantly become a sentry based weapon that will automatically fire upon any of your opponents that come within its range of fire. This will continue until it either destroyed or its ammo is completely depleted. It’s very useful to help dispose of your enemies in strategic locales while you go about hunting them down for yourself.

So if you’ve ever utilized the Laptop Gun yourself, then you know of its usefulness in battle. If you haven’t, them the next time you play Perfect Dark or Perfect Dark Zero, then I suggest you add it to your arsenal whenever possible. You may just find that it could be the determining factor in your victory against your opponents.