More Career Opportunities at Rare

They’re at it again! Rare has been doing a lot of hiring for several months now and as of today they’ve added even more opportunities to start a career with the company. New job positions include a permanent role as a Lead Character Artist (this doesn’t sound very Kinect Sportsish does it?!) and contract art vacancies. For a full list of current positions available, visit Rare’s official website.

With all of those rumors abound of Rare potentially working on a new First Person Shooter, Action/Adventure and/or Free-to-Play title, all of these hirings for specific positions are starting to get me very excited. I doubt we’ll see anything of them until next year’s E3 though where the revealing of the Xbox 720 is sure to happen. Until then, we’ll have to stick with the upcoming Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection and maybe something else along the way.