Official ‘Conker to Minecraft’ Press Release

Conker will be coming to Minecraft on Friday, October 19th as a part of Skin Pack 3. Here is the official announcement and press release from Rare….

It’s recently broken the four million barrier and shows no signs of stopping. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – it’s a juggernaut. And just discovered passed out in the back of this juggernaut, slightly the worse for wear after a long night? A hedonistic Rare rodent who answers (eventually) to the name of Conker.

The squirrel’s last headline role was in Conker: Live & Reloaded for the original Xbox back in 2005, and the look he sports in this new downloadable Skin Pack 3 cameo is based on his unexpected and generally unwelcome experiences in the ‘It’s War’ chapter.
Despite arriving in Minecraft minus any of his usual allies and enemies (from Berri and Birdy to the Tediz and Panther King), Conker follows in the footsteps and pawprints of many other Rare characters’ Skin Pack sorties: Banjo and the Spiral Mountain crew, Joanna Dark and Elvis, three ambassadors from Piñata Island and the Jet Force Gemini squad have all taken a Minecraft tour of duty in previous packs.

Skin Pack 3 takes a slightly different approach with design work from celebrated pixel artist Army of Trolls. It’s set for release on October 19th 2012 and, true to form, contains a large selection of player skins drawing inspiration from blockbuster game releases (such as Portal 2, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead 2), indie hits (like Joe Danger and Awesomenauts) and familiar in-house Minecraft styles… and, of course, Rare’s selfless military all-rounder Conker.

More details at Rare’s Official Website