Aaron Greenberg Talks Sea of Thieves

Microsoft exec Aaron Greenberg recently stopped by the IGN office to discuss Rare’s pirate game Sea of Thieves. During their conversation Aaron talked about some gameplay experiences he had with his time in the game.

Greenberg described one particular experience he had when playing with Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and Microsoft CVP Kudo Tsunoda, highlighting the freedom and collaborative fun Sea of Thieves provides the player. “So we were playing with Kudo and Phil, and Kudo just jumps in the water and jumps onto another ship,” he said. “He goes AWOL and then you don’t see him for a while and then he comes back around and starts blasting cannons at their ship.”


Meanwhile, his experience playing with Microsoft Studios Europe manager Hanno Lemke—who Greenberg described as being a “super high integrity guy”—was a bit different. While Greenberg wanted to goof around, Lemke was focused on tending to the needs of the ship.

“So I get on the ship and I run around and start hitting him with a fish and he’s like ‘What are you doing? There’s water down below. We’ve got to raise the anchor…’ So he starts putting me to work,” he said of his experience with Lemke, adding: “It’s just fun. So much fun.”

These adventures Aaron described sound exactly what we would expect from this crazy open sandbox Rare is creating. The first thing I think anyone would do is have fun messing with their friends by firing cannons at them in a ship you randomly acquired.

While not too much information was given we do know thanks to Aaron that you can indeed hit someone with a fish and raise the anchor to your ship! Also when he played the game it was in a early prototype version noting that while the scale and visuals still need work, the core mechanic of “meet a bunch of people on a ship and we’re going to an island” was there.

We cannot wait to see more from Sea of Thieves. What is the first thing you would do if you got to play the game? Let us know in the comments below!