Banjo-Kazooie, Blast Corps, And More Rare IP Themed Challenge Pack DLC Added To Kinect Sports Rivals

KS Rivals May Update

Long time fans of Rare can rejoice as special challenges based on classic Rare IP have joined the fray in Kinect Sports Rivals as paid DLC. Available now for $2.99 each, challenge packs based on Banjo-Kazooie, Battletoads, Blast Corps, Perfect Dark, and Viva Pinata can now be purchased via the Xbox One Games Store. Each pack contains special challenges that, once completed, will unlock skins based on the IP and the opportunity to be sponsored by teams such as dataDyne and Zitz Blitz. There is also non-Rare based DLC available as well to purchase that allows you to customize your Champion with sunglasses and funglasses and change your hairdo. Be sure to visit the Xbox One store and add the content to your game!

For more information, visit Rare’s website.