Big Huge Games Studio Faces Closure

In light of the recent financial troubles plaguing Big Huge Games and 38 Studios, is comes as no surprise to learn of their impeding closure. It’s very discouraging for the gaming industry when a company releases  their first game only to be shut down soon afterwards due to it not quite reaching the success that was necessary. Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning released in February and required a whopping three million units to be sold just for the game to break even. Reports indicate that it sould roughly 1.4 million units, a farcry from what was needed. The repercussions of the game’s failure has resulted in the laying off of nearly four-hundred employees, including former Banjo-Kazooie and Viva Pinata composer, Grant Kirkhope. They are all very skilled individuals, so let’s hope that each and everyone of them find their way so they may use their talents to assist in the development of another, hopefully more successful, game in the future.