BREAKING NEWS: George Andreas Resigns from Rare, Joins Sony

And another one bites the dust… News has just broke that longtime Rare veteran George Andreas has resigned from Rare and is now the Creative Director of Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe (SCEE). Here’s an excerpt of the story…

Andreas, who played a key role in the development of the Kinect hardware, Kinect Sports 1 and Kinect Sports: Season 2 as well as Xbox 360 launch games Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero, joined Sony this month as creative director of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, working out of SCEE’s London office.

During his 16 years at Rare he worked on most of the legendary studio’s games, including various Banjo titles, Viva Pinata and, going back to Rare’s Nintendo years, Donkey Kong 64, GoldenEye and Killer Instinct Gold.

View the full story at Eurogamer.

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