BREAKING NEWS: Microsoft Announces the Renewal of the Killer Instinct Trademark!

Just a few, short hours ago, Microsoft personally announced the renewal or refiling of the trademark for Rare’s Killer Instinct franchise. This announcement was made via, the official Microsoft website for all things pertaining to the XboX LIVE Arcade. It’s not uncommon for companies to renew trademarks, it’s very rare that publicly announce that they’ve done so. This does then, at the very least, seem to hint that we could be expecting either a new Killer Instinct title or an HD-remake exclusively for the XBLA sometime in the future. Would Rare be developing it themselves? Could 4JStudios be remaking it just as they did with Banjo-Kazooi, Banjo-Tooie, and Perfect Dark? There’s so little info available at this moment, but hope for the comeback of Killer Instinct has been rekindled and I’ll be impatiently waiting at the keyboard to deliver the news of its announcement should it hopefully happen!