Coming Soon to RFDB: November 2012

November already? 2012 is almost at its end and we are just one year away now from the likely release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor! That’s far into the future from now, so let’s discuss what will be coming soon instead here are RFDB…

-We just launched our YouTube, so more videos will be posted this month.

-We’ll have a few more Rare Trivias coming as well for you all to partake in to go along with our Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country and Rare History Trivias.

-Our RFDB Monthly articles will of course be here around the middle of the month.

-More Top Seven articles can be expected

-There are a few more planned features that I’m hoping to launch this month as well, but nothing promised on this.

More articles and whatnot will be coming as well, but that’s just a small preview of some of the things you can expect. Hope you’re looking forward to everything as much as I’m looking forward to delivering it :)