Coming Soon to RFDB: September 2012

Here we go! September 2012 is here and with it will come a new array of Rare news, a new Rare game, and who knows what other potential surprises may come! I have some things planned already so here is a rundown on a few things that you can expect from RFDB for this month:

  • More episodes of Banjo-Kazooie: The Series
  • The RFDB Monthly Editorials
  • A new poll (already posted, cast your vote now!)
  • An article on why I think Rare is developing a brand new Jet Force Gemini game
  • An exclusive and brief world premiere first-look at a new game from Conker’s Bad Fur Day lead designer, Chris Seavor!
  • An exclusive “Where Are They Now?” featured interview with Chris Seavor

You can expect more things along the way but for now that’s all I’ll be giving you a heads-up on :) Looking forward to sharing everything with you this month and hope you stick around check it out!