Conker’s Bad Fur Day Commentary Teaser Trailer

Conker’s Bad Fur Day Commentary Teaser Trailer

The time is drawing nearer, my friends! If you recall, several weeks ago Chris Seavor announced that he would be doing a Conker’s Bad Fur Day commentary featuring himself and other members of the old Conker team. Well today, he confirmed via twitter that the commentary could go live as early as next week! Excitement! But wait, there’s more! To garner even more interest, he has left us all with a brief glimpse of what to expect in a thirty second teaser trailer posted on youtube earlier today. Have a look…

Excited yet? You should be! This is going to be absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be anymore ecstatic about this. Share your own excitement in the comments and let us know if there’s anything that you’re expecting from the commentary.

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