Donkey Kong 64 Available For European Wii U eShop

DK64 Wii U

A surprising and completely unexpected announcement today was Donkey Kong 64 coming to the Wii U virtual console… and it’s available right now in Europe! It will also be releasing on April 16th in North America for $9.99. It’s a shocking surprise as I never expected the game to ever be released again due to legal reasons pertaining to the game’s inclusion of Rare’s Jet-Pac, which Microsoft now has the rights to. So all of this coupled with the recent inclusion of the DKC trilogy on Wii U could mean that Microsoft and Nintendo have a deal of some sorts in place.

Regardless of the why’s, I’m extremely excited for Donkey Kong’s 64 and will be picking it up again in a couple of weeks. Do you plan on picking it up as well?