EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 04: Shrapnel Down Under

Snacker the shark swam peacefully in the clear blue waters of the sea surrounding Treasure Trove Cove. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary this day. In fact, nothing ever seemed out of the ordinary since Gruntilda the Witch had been defeated a few years ago. When Banjo and Kazooie had travelled the beach on their adventure to rescue Tooty, they often had to take to the ocean to recover Jinjos, Mumbo Tokens, and other various treasures strewn about the waters, and that was the highlight of Snacker’s life. He’s not evil by nature, he’s just a fish suffering from boredom; thus the reasoning behind him giving chase to Banjo and Kazooie when they were swimming around his sea. But alas, that time was over years ago and Snacker’s life returned to its former, boring days.

Down, down Snacker swam until he reached the bottom of the sea. It was here that he often spent most of his time, a nice retreat from the bright sunlight of the water’s surface. What better place could a bored and depressive shark take refuge than the darkness of the sea? That which reflected on his daily mood? Nowhere, he thought. Nowhere but the darkness. And thus he stayed. He would swim on the sea floor in the darkest and dankest portions until the time came for him to eat, and then he would return. So went his life day-in and day-out. But little did he know that things were about to get a little more exciting…


Three Shrapnel of various colors ( red, blue, and green) floated their way through the depths of the sea. They hadn’t meant to go down under the surface so far, but that’s what happens when a Shrapnel feeds on one too many Yum-Yum’s… they gain an extra ten-to-twenty pounds instantly, causing them to sink much further than what they intended. And that’s exactly what happened to these three. As a result, they sank their way right into a cave and couldn’t turn back. Not with that giant Eel blocking the exit. So they had no choice but to discover what lay on the other side of the mysterious underwater cavern.

The cavern didn’t stretch all that far, and the Shrapnel were soon back into clear water where they need not fear creatures they can’t see. Unfortunately, they had not the slightest clue as to where they were, and that put a chill down their explosive spines. What sort of monstrous creatures could abide on this side of the sea? Would they have to self-destruct themselves to blow up an evil beast (and themselves)? All three shuttered at that very thought. That was the last thing that ANY Shrapnel ever wanted to do. But if it meant taking down their adversary with them, then they wouldn’t hesitate a moment. So they floated on through the waters keeping their eyes peeled for anything that would endanger their lives. It was only a few moments later when they caught sight of something that sent their instincts into frenzy: a shark swimming on the sea floor.


For hours Snacker had been swimming on the sea floor, reflecting on his boring pitiful life as he always did. And that always made him a bit hungry. Though it was never an exciting experience, going to gulp down some food always gave him some slight satisfaction that he was king of the waters on this side of the sea. But this time, when he glanced up to see if there was any prey swimming about for him to eat, he saw something he had never seen before: Shrapnel! He had heard of these creatures many times during his life in the ocean, but had never once seen one. His late parents always told him that “Shrapnel is a shark’s worse enemy”. And with that thought on his mind, his instincts surged through his body, telling him to attack the explosive fiends and destroy them before they destroy him! So he swam with all of his might straight toward his rivals, his sharp white teeth glistening beneath the waves.


The three Shrapnel nearly blew up when they saw Snacker coming toward them at such a great speed. They thought for certain that they were done for, but were lucky enough to split up before their foe reached their position. Unfortunately for the Blue Shrapnel, it just wasn’t quick enough. Snacker’s teeth sank into its body and hold on tight, squeezing the life out of it by applying little pressure so as not to cause it to explode. Its lifeless bulky body sank to the sea floor. The Green and Red Shrapnel looked on in awe at their fallen comrad and both went to either side of the shark. Snacker didn’t feel intimidated at all by this maneuver and simply slammed the green one with his tail fin, knocking it down toward the cave. He attempted the same maneuver with the blue one, but came up short. And then he got a rather nasty surprise. It had somehow latched on to his scaly body! He heard an odd ticking sound and knew that could only mean one thing: it was going to explode! With no time to spare, Snacker began shaking violently to free himself of the suicidal Shrapnel and was fortunate enough to break away just as it blew itself to bits.

The Green Shrapnel at the cave entrance couldn’t believe its eyes and took off in the cave, floating just as fast as it possibly could. Snacker saw it when it entered, and decided to give chase. The pursuit lasted for only a few minutes as the cave’s length was not very long. When the shark made it to the other side, he saw the Green Shrapnel already gathered with over a dozen other Shrapnel, explaining the battle that had just taken place. Deciding that now wasn’t a very good time to attack with so many Shrapnel together, he returned to his side of the sea.


A few hours later…

At the seas surface the great Snacker swam, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight. This day had been such a wonderful day! The smile on his face showed that he was once again a truly happy shark. A feeling he hadn’t felt since the arrival of Banjo and Kazooie those years ago. But now, his life had taken a sudden turn of events, and he would never have to suffer himself to the sea floor with bored and depressed nature. With so many Shrapnel at the end of that cave…on the other side of the sea… his life would now always be bursting with excitement. He was happy.