EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 09- A Twinkly Good Time

“Wheeee! Come on Dinky! Come on Winky! It’s loads of fun! I promise! Come on!” says Tinky as he climbs upon his sled for another spectacular ride down the slopes of freezy peak. Dinky and Winky, after hours of watching and speculation, finally decide to join Tinky. They hop on board holding each other tightly prepared for the greatest thrill ride of their life.

Whoosh! The sled speeds down the slopes at a mind-dazzling speed. Tinky wasn’t expecting the sled to move at such an incredible speed, so controlling it’s movements had become rather difficult. He didn’t want to worry either of his friends, so he keeps on steering as best he can in hopes of reaching the bottom soon.

As the bottom nears, more and more trees begin to appear. Tinky sways to the left, then to the right barely dodging a pair of small saplings. Finally, as the destination nears, all three Twinklies throw their arm up in victory. Too soon… the sled suddenly crashes in to a snow covered stone, sending all three Twinklies soaring through the air.

“Oh no! We’re all gonna die! Aieeee!” Dinky screams as they prepare for impact. Fortunately for them, they land in a pile of plush snow.

“Dinky? Winky? Are you guys ok?” questions Tinky gazing about nervously for his two companions.

“I’m okay,” replies Winky, a bit shaken after such an exhilarating ride.

“I’m fine too!” Dinky replies angrily. “So just where are we anyway?”

“There’s a sign over there guys! Let’s go check it out!” Tinky yells and rushes to the sign followed by his curious friends. “Let’s see… it says:

“Munchville Beware of Twinkly Munchers!!”

“TWINKLY MUNCHERS?! AIEEE!” Winky shrieks frightened and begins dashing about in total panic.

“Calm down Winky or you’ll give away our location!” Warns Dinky, but a bit too late. The bushes around them begin to stir and the eight monstrous Twinkly Munchers emerge from their places of concealment.

“Let’s get ‘em!” They announce simultaneously. The terrified Twinklies hurriedly trample through the snow rushing to get home. The Munchers were relatively close behind steadily lunging their powerful crunching jaws at the terrified Twinklies.

“I’ve got an idea guys!” cries a breathless Tinky. “See that huge rock up ahead? When we get to it we all dive behind it, ok?” he says. With an extra boost of speed all three Twinklies rush to the rock an dive behind it. Afterwards the eight Twinkly Munchers clang into the rock with a loud thud.

“Ohhh… what did we hit?” moan one of the Munchers Dizzily.

“I don’t know man, but lets get out of here…” says another. They both stand to their feet wearily and walk away, followed by the other six.

“Are they gone?” Asks Winky, peering from behind the rock.

“Yeah… they’re gone now,” says Tinky boldly “we sure showed them.”

“Check it out guys! We’re back home!” Screams Dinky from a short distance. In front of him was a sign that read:

Welcome to Freezeezy Peak

“Wahoo!” yells Tinky. “What do you guys say we go for another ride on the sled?” he questions. Dinky and Winky shoot him an evil look. Tinky shrugs his shoulders and follows them back to their Christmas box home.