EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 11- Tickerville

Far, far below the familiar blue home of the bear and bird duo, Banjo and Kazooie, is a place called Tickerville. Tickerville has been around for centuries. It is world re-known to all Tickers for having both the largest and most decent society since the conclusion of the Great Ticker Wars. Tickers travel from far and wide each and every year to gaze upon the wonderful community and, in most cases, decide it better to become part of the community. That is… until now.

After the most recent passing of the Ticker Elder, a new society leader needs to be chosen. So the Tickerville senate decide and vote on who they believe to be the most reliable and trustworthy Ticker in the entire community. So the chosen one in crowned King Ticker, ruler of all that is Tickerville. However… their chosen king doesn’t quite live up to their expectations.

For days now, King Ticker has had every single Ticker in the community running about to and fro doing whatsoever he bids: expanding Tickerville constantly obtaining food, entertaining him and so forth. It is all work, work, work! Tickerville has become completely enslaved! In fact, King Ticker even placed several guards on each of the nation’s four borders to prevent any attempts at escaping! But there is one Ticker that has had enough…

Little T stands glaring at King Ticker’s humongous mound awaiting the opportunity to slip inside unnoticed. However, due to the nearly impenetrable security, it seems highly impossible. But Little T never leaves home unprepared. If he is going to kill King Ticker as he has planned, then he must attempt anything necessary; no matter how drastic the cir*****stances may be.

So Little T reaches into his maroon red satchel and retrieves a whistle. He slowly raises it to his tiny mouth and carefully blows into it. Little T then dives behind a nearby bush after the whistle’s sexy intonation and attractive aroma is released. He slightly raises his head above the bush to peer at the two guards who are now talking amongst themselves.

“Hey! Did you hear that?” asks one guard.

“I sure did. And it was one seeeexy sound,” replies the other.

“Oh yeah! And that SMELL!”

“Ahhh… yes. Such a sweeeeeet smell. You know what? I think she wants us!”

“Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s go give her what she wants!” The guard winks at his friend and motions for him to follow. When the two make it behind the rock (Little T’s previous hiding place), Little T rushes from the coverage of the bush and sneaks his way into The Mound.

Little T is quite surprised when he enters The Mound. He was expecting to see winding tunnels and passageways that led to other parts of the King’s abode. But instead, all he sees is one huge room. As a matter of fact, that’s all there is to The Mound. Within the room are at least twenty Tickers, all of which are surrounding the throne where sits King Ticker.

“Who are you who thinks he can just come prancing into MY mound without my permission?” asks King Ticker as he stands to his feet and walks down to stare Little T eye-to-eye. “ANSWER ME!”

“I am here to KILL you, your majesty!” yells the little Ticker boldly. He then retrieves a sword from the satchel and holds it firmly between his teeth. King Ticker laughs madly at Little T’s defiance and slaps him to the ground.

“You fool! I’ll have your head!” he says and motions for some of the guards to join him. As they approach, Little T suddenly jumps to his feet and hews off each one’s head.

“Wrong your excellency! I’ll have YOURS!” he cries while slashing off King Ticker’s head with one swift stroke. The remaining guards then immediately rush over to Little T, pick him up, and carry him to the throne crowning him as new King of Tickerville.

Little T’s boldness and bravery became a legend. He was the greatest king to ever rule Tickerville. If not for him, then Tickerville wouldn’t be the peaceful and serene community it is today.