EXCLUSIVE: Having Trouble with Parashoot Stan? Here Are Some Tips to Becoming a Better Stanley Ottershaw

Parashoot Stan is finally available now on the App Store and it costs only a buck to experience one of the best mobile games available for your iDevice(s). If you’ve already purchased the game, then you may have found yourself having some difficulties progressing very far into it. It’s a really tough game that requires a lot of practice, endurance, and sometimes memorizing to travel to what could be considered an impressive amount of feet. I’ve put several hours into the game already myself and am currently–at the time of this writing–sitting at number two in the ‘Distance Travelled’ leaderboards at a little over 15,000ft. You, too, can reach that and even go far beyond it! Here are some tips to follow to help you become a better Stanley Ottershaw…

Use Two Hands!
Parashoot Stan requires you to maintain some steadiness while you play. If you’re using an iPhone like I am, then find a way
that best suits you to hold with both hands. That extra bit of steadiness really does go quite a ways to surviving against Baron Bully and his cohorts.

Ignore How Far You’ve Travelled!
At the top of the screen is both a timer and a counter that keeps track of how far you’ve travelled in your current play session. Instinctively, you want to constantly be glancing up at it to see how far you’ve gone and if you’ve beat your previous and/or overall distance. Try and ignore it as much as possible. If you’re paying too much attention to it, then you’ll start to get a bit nervous and anxious as you approach your previous best distance, and that anxiousness may lead to unnecessary mistakes. You’ll know how far you’ve gone once the session is over.

Utilize the Paracute!
When I first started out, I refused to use Stanely’s Parachute. I thought of it as a crutch that would just slow me down when I didn’t really want to slow down. I was wrong. The parachute and when you choose to use it can be the difference between life or death. If a missile or nuclear bomb is approaching and you know you can’t get out of the way in time, then use that parachute and you’ll likely avoid impact! As a fair warning: if you have a Pal chained to you at the moment, you’ll need use the parachute twice! The first press of the screen will release your Pal and the second will release your parachute.

Pay Attention to the On-Screen Warnings!
There is never an instance where you don’t know what is approaching. Every enemy and obstacle has its own unique “warning symbol” of sorts that shows at the top, bottom and/or sides of the screen before it becomes a danger. Keeping an eye out on those warnings will give you an edge to travelling far!

Purchase Floss Boss!
While I have yet to use all of the Pals available in the game, Floss Boss has thus far been the most useful. His special technique is attacking Baron Bully when arrives on scene, causing him to not only flee but also release the Plan that he had just stolen from you!

Collect Those Plans!
The Plans are the most important object in the game. When you see a Plan and are capable of collecting it, then collect it! For every three plans you collect, a Noz Blimp Gunner (Not sure what it’s called) will appear and attack you with its machine guns and/or missiles. If you successfully survive, then you’ll not only secure the plans, but will also take control of your own Noz Gunner and be able to deal some damage to enemy forced until it’s destroyed.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Noz Gunner!
Most of the time you’re falling at fast speeds and trying to dodge anything and everything. So naturally, as soon as you have some guns at your disposable to fight back with, you instinctively want to blast everything in your path. Well… don’t. If you’re capable of moving out of harms way as opposed to blasting it from your path, then do so. You’ll find yourself surviving and having the Noz Gunner at your disposal for much longer if you do.

Those are the best tips I have to offer at this time. I hope they help you in some way or another and that you’ll travel now further than you’ve ever travelled before! Now excuse me whilst I go and attempt to beat my own distance…