EXCLUSIVE: How the Great Mighty Poo Came to Be

EDITOR’S NOTE: Be advised that this article contains some vulgarity.


The Great Mighty Poo. He’s one of the most unforgettable characters to have ever been created in a video game. He is featured as a boss character in Rare’s Conker’s Bad Fur Day/Conker: Live & Reloaded and is basically a gargantuan singing pile of shit. So what could inspire something so incredible as this? Where did the idea for the Great Mighty Poo come from? I asked Conker’s Bad Fur Day lead designer Chris Seavor about the origins of the Great Mighty Poo and this was his response…

Chris Marlow is notorious for his shits”, says Seavor, referring to the very man who voiced the Great Mighty Poo.

“He inspired the Great Mighty Poo with a legendary stool he once delivered. One night when we were all working late…. in he strode:

‘Fuck Guys…check this shit out…. literally.’ We checked, then we smiled.

‘Truly Chris, a King of turds… Nay, emperor of all that is shite.’ He smiled knowingly, then turned to leave.

‘But wait, oh Mighty Marlow. We must take this turd and encapsulate it within a skein of impenetrable crystal, for all eternity.’

‘NO!!!!!!’ He said… in that booming, bloody voice of his. ‘Mr. Seavor, I charge you with creating the greatest character of all time, in honor of this mighty poo….’ I gaped in awe…. and a bit of anticipation:

‘Call him… The Great Mighty Poo….and I shall sing his song. LAaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!’

And that’s how it happened. Honest. The truth…….. really. He does big poos. You can ask him.. :)”

So there you have it folks. That is how the Great Mighty Poo came to be, according to none other than Chris Seavor himself. So be thankful for his incredible creative visions and for Chris Marlow and his glorious, mighty poos. :)