EXCLUSIVE: Killer Instinct vs. Mortal Kombat: Fact or Fiction?

When Killer Instinct released back in the 1990s for the arcade, it was a collaborative effort between Nintendo, Rare and, at the time, Mortal Kombat developer Midway. Nintendo published the title, Rare developed it and Midway helped to bring it to the arcades. The franchise itself is very similar to the Mortal Kombat franchise, but with different characters and the unique, ambitious and ultimately better combo system. With such similarities in place, it isn’t overly difficult to imagine a title bringing these two universes together. Who wouldn’t want to see a Glacious vs. Sub-Zero or Liu Kang vs. Jago brutal fight to the death? The key question here, however, is will it ever happen? It just might…

Earlier this year, Ed Boon (creator of Mortal Kombat), tweeted that he “just got the okay” to develop a Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct title. Unfortunately, this comment was made on a day where it’s hard to take anyone seriously: April 1st, or April Fool’s Day as it is better known for. If you know anything about April Fool’s Day, then you are aware that it is a dedicated day of the year where people take advantage of one another with unprecedented amount of jokes. With that in mind, in all likelihood Boon was simply joking around, and given his history with the day there’s hardly any doubt that he was. But even if his claims of its development are fiction, what if there was an alterior motive to his comment? What if he was genuinely ‘testing the waters’ so to speak, to see how much interest there is in such a project? Saints Row developer, THQ, did that very thing with their April Fool’s Day prank called ‘Enter the Dominatix’, and now it’s becoming a reality this Fall as downloadable content for Saints Row 3. So f the extremely positive responses following Boon’s tweet is any indication, then I’d say that a MK vs. KI would be an absolute success.

Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct: Is it fact? Is it fiction? Is it a little bit of both? The answers may not be quite clear at the moment, but let’s all hope that this potential project will become a reality. I know I will be.