EXCLUSIVE: Kinect Sports Rivals Is The First True Kinect Experience For Xbox One

With Gamescom now come and gone, we finally got our first look at some Kinect Sports Rivals gameplay. We were also introduced to the new technology and experiences that the new Kinect is able to provide that its predecessor just wasn’t capable of doing–the most impressive if which was scanning yourself into the game. In Rivals, you become a ‘Champion’, which is essentially Kinect scanning primarily your face into the game and creating a strikingly similar representation of your facial structure, hair color and style, and more right onto a well fit, trained body. It’s really quite impressive. Couple those things with much improved accuracy of the device and the great looking visuals and you’ve got Xbox One’s first true Kinect powered game that will deliver the experience people have been expecting from Kinect since the original’s release in 2010.

There are still so many people that don’t believe in Kinect and what it can offer, but now that its advanced quite significantly and will come packaged with every Xbox One, I think it will change a lot of people’s opinion. But just like any form of hardware, there needs to be software available to show prove what it’s truly capable of. Rare’s Kinect Sports Rivals will be the first game to offer a true gameplaying experience with Kinect that every Xbox One owner should try next Spring.