EXCLUSIVE: Seven of the Most Difficult Rare Challenges

7. The Silver Coin Challenges

Diddy Kong Racing can be a really tough racer. It actually requires skill, not luck, to finish first and earn yourself that precious Golden or Silver Balloon. It’s not really all that difficult though until comes time to try obtain those balloons a second time in the same course. The boss of the world upon his first defeat tasks you to go back the races you just finished and win again in the Silver Coin Challenge. Basically, you have to not only finish in first place again, but you must also collect eight Silver Coins along the way. And of course they would be in the most offset places imaginable, forcing you to at times leave the path of the course completely to obtain some of them and then get back on track again to finishing the race. In first place, I reiterate. Blech!

6. Battletoads Vehicle Segments

Need I say more? Anyone who has played or has even heard of Battletoads knows of the notorious and dreadful vehicle sections. These portions of the games makes an already tough game even tougher by putting your patience and hard earned extra lives to the test. You’re basically in a vehicle that moves on its own while you control it to avoid obstacles. At first it seems simple, but the speed of the vehicle dramatically increases as well as the number of obstacles. It’s a damn near impossible feat but you’ll feel like you’ve just conquered the world if you make it past it. Go treat yourself to a nice dinner or something afterwards because you’ll have certainly earned it.

5. The Saucer of Peril Returns

One of the coolest and most fun parts of Banjo-Tooie was the Saucer of Peril attraction in Witchy World. I loved the arcadish “score as many points as possible” feel of it and at often times my siblings and I would compete for that highest score beyond what the game itself was asking for. In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, the attraction is brought back in the Terror of Terrarium world and I was ecstatic to see its return. It was awesome and fun and date I say it even more enjoyable than the original! And then comes time to get the Trophy… what a royal pain the ass that was. Nuts & Bolts had its share of annoyances throughout the game but this challenge really dug in deep. There is no curse in any language to warrant the difficulty and frustrations I had with it. On top of that, it was the last Trophy in the game that needed. It must have taken me nearly fifty attempts before I finally succeeded. Suffice it to say, I was thrilled afterwards and hope I never see that cursed UFO again!

4. Unlocking TT

Of all the racers available to play as in Diddy Kong Racing, T.T. is the fastest and best of them all with maxed out stats. He’s also the hardest to unlock. To unlock him as a selectable racer, you must defeat him in a race on every single course. It sounds like a simple task, but believe me, it isn’t. You’re handicapped from the beginning because, as I mentioned already, he’s the fastest racer in the game so despite which character you select, you’re going to be at a bit of a disadvantage. Patience, dedication and skill is absolutely necessary to accomplish this challenge and when and if you do, it’s all worth it as it’s a glorius feeling knowing you can nearly do laps around Wizpig in the single player Adventure.

3. Saving the Tribals

I love Jet Force Gemini. It is one heck of a sci-fi adventure with alien drones to kill, an evil space tyrant bent on taking over the universe, and a trio of unique individuals to control across various different planets. It also had Tribals, a peace-faring race of teddy bear looking creatures that are taken hostage by the alien Drones and must be rescued. Every. Single. One. It is an extremely difficult task to achieve and be achieved it must if you plan on finishing the game. There’s hardly a worse feeling than needing only one Tribal left to rescue on a planet only to see it put to death by a hidden Drone sniper, or worse yet by a misplaced shot from your own weapon. At least if you get angry at the prospect you can go on a Tribal killing spree and collect their heads for fun.

2. Goldeneye and Perfect Dark Time Challenges

Goldeneye and Perfect Dark had a lot of cheats available to utilize that would make the games both easier and even more fun to play than what they already were. The thing is though, actually acquiring the cheats was brutally difficult. Every level in the games had at least one cheat that could be unlocked, and to do so required the mission to be completed within a certain time limit on a specific difficulty. Memorizing each level, where every enemy was stationed and strategizing a way to succeed was the only way to ensure success. Or you could just be a douche and use the button codes…On Goldeneye at least.

1. Becoming A Perfect and 00 Agent

Trying to complete every mission on the Perfect Agent and 00Agent difficulties in Perfect Dark and Goldeneye is by and far the most daunting tasks of all of Rare’s titles. The difficulties do more than just add increasing damage to yourself and more accurate adversaries, it also includes additional objectives that have to be completed to succeed. Remember, there’s no regenerating health here, so a couple of shots and it’s all over for you. I have yet to this day to complete either game 100 % on these difficulties. One day, I hope I will.