EXCLUSIVE: Swanky Saturday- Fishing with Funky

When Donkey Kong Country released for the SNES in 1994, it introduced more than just the already known Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. Rare included a host of other Kongs that included Diddy Kong, Candy Kong, Mankey Kong, Cranky Kong, and the subject of today’s story, Funky Kong.

Funky Kong’s role in the SNES version of DKC was simply allowing the Kongs to borrow his Jumbo Barrel to traverse to previous worlds to explore already passed levels where the player may have missed a hidden exit or something. This role was maintained in the two future ports of the title for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, but those two unique ports also included something extra: Funky’s Fishing.

Funky’s Fishing was just a mini-game that involved… well, catching fish and the like. One Kong drives a boat atop the water while another is riding Enguarde in the waters below. The goal of the game is catch the required amount of underwater kritters in the alotted amount of time. Snatching a kritter that Funky wasn’t asking for will cause the time to decrease faster, thus making it more difficult to catch the amount necessary. The GBC and GBA versions differ in the fact that the GBC mini-game was optional and just there for fun whereas completing each Funky Fishing mission was required in order to obtain every photograph for the photo book.

The Funky’s Fishing mini-game was a really nice inclusion that added a some extra gameplay to the GBCnd GBA ports of Donkey Kong Country. If you’ve only ever played the original SNES version, then I do recommend that you pick up a copy of one of the ports–the GBA port in particular–so you can give not only Funky’s Fishing a shot, but the other unique features in the ports as well.