EXCLUSIVE: Syrupent Sunday- King of the Garden

The Garden can be a peaceful place. The serenity of the Bunnycombs hopping about, the happiness the Swanana induces as it swims through the water, that lovely Canary perched upon the apple tree. Yes…the Garden can be a wonderful paradise. But…what if there was something else? A Pinata so mighty and terrible that the Garden transforms from an inviting refuge to a treacherous nightmare. Oh yes. It exists, and it thinks it is King of the Garden. Oh my, it’s terrible! Ferocious! Grotesque, even! It’s…it’s…

A Roario! One of the most vic-…wait a minute. That thing doesn’t look mean at all! Have I been mislead? Darn that Leafos and her unending lies. One of these days Leafos, just one of these days!

The Roario isn’t really a terrible Pinata at all. While it may prefer to feast on larger Pinata, it’s actually quite peaceful itself. It will however, march around the Garden like its king of the place and is not very fond of the Dragonache. Ever caught a Roario? If not, here are the requirements so you can have your very own!

Appear Requirements
-Level 38 Gardener or better

Visit Requirements
-There are 5 Doenuts in the Garden
-There are 5 Zumbugs in the Garden
-The Garden is worth 40,000 Chocolate Coins

Resident Requirements
-Has eaten 2 Doenuts
-Has eaten 2 Zumbugs
-The Garden is worth 50,000 Chocolate Coins

That’s all of the requirements necessary for a Roario to become a resident of your Garden. I wish you the best of luck and remember, only the Roario is the true ‘King of the Garden’!